Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let's Keep It Real: Be Patient!

As you all know I've been working on my weight loss journey for a year now and I will be the first to admit the real hardships you face--like beating up on yourself when you don't see results. This can be the most discouraging and frustrating thing to do during your journey but it is inevitable. As humans we crave satisfaction in all areas of our lives, especially if we feel that we're the only ones in control of it. But, let's be honest...miracles don't happen over night. 
Getting the weight off will take a whole lot more time than putting it on will. So be patient, be positive, and be secure in the fact that you ARE doing your very best and trying with all your might to get where you want. If you can believe in that and see this then you will be more than happy when the real results show up. But for right now, get your confidence level going. Boost up your ego don't break it down because once your down it will take a whole lot to bring you back up! Don't let negativity from others or yourself be the main reason why you give up.
This fight is worth the struggle. It's worth the pain and tears of frustration. You are worth this battle and when you feel you are in your weakest moments just remember all of the changes and steps you took to live a better life. It is YOU who matter NOT those commenting on your success or lack there of, because we all know the truth. We all know that you are doing a wonderful job so PLEASE keep it up! Keep it up! Don't you ever...ever give up!
Stay inspired and stay uplifted. I know hard it is...but you MUST if you ever want to keep PROGRESSING! (Believe me on this one)


Glo said...

You are so right Daisy! it does take a while to get the weight off and patience is definitely key!

Just Daisy said...

@glo girl yesss! keep hope alive!