Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Quik Fix Workout

Hey ladies! I know the weather is looking kind of yucky today so I found a quick workout that you can do in the privacy of your home! If you aren’t in the mood for grabbing an umbrella before heading to the gym! Try this out!!!

 Information courtesy of via FitFabCities

This Workout Wednesday: Lavender Fusion


Racerback top
$5.99 -

Victoria's Secret activewear pants
$35 -

NIKE sports activewear
$30 -

NIKE lightweight shoes
$107 -

Let's keep those glutes, abs, and arms moving ladies! I wanted to share this quick gym outfit sketch I created with you and I hope it's the motivation you need to get your tails in the fitness mood. It's never too late to like nike said: "JUST DO IT!"

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Food Find!!!

So lately I’ve been trying out some new products and I must say i'm in love with both!!! The Turkey Burgers by Jennie-O hava a great flavor and don’t require any additional seasoning. I usually have a difficult time seasoning turkey ground meat because its always dry, this really irks me! Oh and did I forget to mention their only 200 CALORIES! YUMMM! I purchased the burgers at my local Wal-Mart for approximately $7.00, and for 12burgers that’s a great deal to me! These burgers are great for people whom are watching their figure and also seeking flavorful, fast, meal ideas!
Hey be sure to check back and let me know if you try this product, I’m sure you will enjoy it! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Workout Wednesday

Hey ladies! I am proud to introduce the first post in our Workout Wednesday's series. We all need that extra encouragement when it comes to getting fit. It's so hard making excuses not to go to the gym or to organize a session at home but you must. Trust me, I know. I spent most of my weight loss journey without incorporating activity and there's nothing I regret more than not moving from the beginning. I recently started working out and I am on week 3 of being active and it just feels so great. 
I am trying my best to change my life around and I'm a firm believer that the sooner you add fitness the better! I have every intention on keeping it up because we all know weight loss is 70% nutrition + 30% fitness = SUCCESS! Moving on, this week I will be sharing my fitness playlist that I generated to help keep me moving during my weekly workouts. I also added in a bonus and created a free downloadable playlist for you too!

Now that you have this awesome playlist, give your body a chance and work it out! You won't regret it. I didn't make this playlist for nothing? What are you waiting for? Move, move, move!
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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day ft. Nike

Nike shoes
$160 -

Nike shoes
$80 -

Nike shoes
$160 -

NIKE athletic shoes
$60 -

NIKE athletic shoes
$120 -

Nike shoes
$160 -

Nike sneaker
$90 -

Nike shoes
$85 -

Happy Valentine's Day from Daisy & Glo! Don't have any awesome plans? Great because we have a treat for you! In light of this holiday, we thought you would appreciate some cute lovey dovey like sneakers from our friends at Nike. If your looking for some V-Day plans grab a pair of these kicks and schedule a hot date at your local gym! Just you, that treadmill, and the other great people there working on fitness. I mean, really how cute will you look rolling up into the gym with a new pair of these babies? Your treadmill will be jumping for joy once your soles hit the ground. Ladies, remember to keep your goals in mind and get all the tools you need to get there! There's nothing more inspiring to hit the gym or work on your fitness then a new pair of sneakers, you know? 

Now we're dying to know, which pair are your favorite? 
Leave a comment below!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let's Keep It Real: Be Patient!

As you all know I've been working on my weight loss journey for a year now and I will be the first to admit the real hardships you face--like beating up on yourself when you don't see results. This can be the most discouraging and frustrating thing to do during your journey but it is inevitable. As humans we crave satisfaction in all areas of our lives, especially if we feel that we're the only ones in control of it. But, let's be honest...miracles don't happen over night. 
Getting the weight off will take a whole lot more time than putting it on will. So be patient, be positive, and be secure in the fact that you ARE doing your very best and trying with all your might to get where you want. If you can believe in that and see this then you will be more than happy when the real results show up. But for right now, get your confidence level going. Boost up your ego don't break it down because once your down it will take a whole lot to bring you back up! Don't let negativity from others or yourself be the main reason why you give up.
This fight is worth the struggle. It's worth the pain and tears of frustration. You are worth this battle and when you feel you are in your weakest moments just remember all of the changes and steps you took to live a better life. It is YOU who matter NOT those commenting on your success or lack there of, because we all know the truth. We all know that you are doing a wonderful job so PLEASE keep it up! Keep it up! Don't you ever...ever give up!
Stay inspired and stay uplifted. I know hard it is...but you MUST if you ever want to keep PROGRESSING! (Believe me on this one)

Portion Control Guide

Hey ladies! I thought we should all take a lesson in portion control especially me since I suffered a 2lb weight gain this week. This post will not only help me get re-familiarized with portions but also help educate those who are unsure how to estimate the amount of food their eating. Because honestly, if you can't measure it then you seriously can't manage it! 

Here are 3 great sources for getting to the bottom of food measurement while on the go especially if you are working without a scale like me. I've been working on saving up for one for a while now. 

I hope this post was helpful and again, the feed back you all have been giving has been greatly appreciated. I am so glad to announce that this blog is positively effecting the lives of some wonderful ladies! Keep up the great work--it is YOU who motivates US!

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A better look at your choices | Eat THIS not THAT!

Ladies, I know how easy it is to reach for the bad food choice over the best one.
Here's a hypothetical situation: You woke up late for class and missed breakfast. You have three classes back to back and you forgot to grab your lunch bag off the kitchen counter in your made rush to make it to class on time. When class is over your stomach is growling and your feeling famished! The only thing around you is Mc. Donald's, a hot dog stand, and a Chinese restaurant. You're so hungry that you run into one of these places randomly and order the first thing you see off the menu without even thinking about it! 30 minutes later you regret the whole meal because it was unsatisfying, greasy, and malnourished. 

I know that this type of situation is very common but the most important thing to do when this happens is to simply stop and think! Have you ever stopped to really think before you eat? I prepared a quick lesson on narrowing in on your healthy options vs. your unhealthy options!

Let your eyes behold these images found on tumblr and sparkpeople that really put things into perspective. Don't you want to get more for those calories instead of less?

Now Tell me what you think about THAT!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Let's Talk Tools!

Hey ladies! I think it is important that we all have the right tools around us when it comes to pursing a healthier lifestyle. It's just like going to school--you have to keep track of assignments right? So I thought I would share this great tracking/food diary sheet that will keep you on the ball. Remember our first lesson in being S.M.A.R.T? If you do, then you know that M, stands for measurable--you can't measure your progress if you aren't recording it! I hope these sheets will help keep you focused and aware of what's going in and out of your beautiful bodies.

For the full Printable PDF of both the Food and Fitness Journal Click here

*This sheet was not made by me, I found it on Pinterest*

Give these worksheets a try, tell me which ones work and which one's don't! If you find these worksheets aren't too helpful the perhaps it might be best to invest in using one of these amazing tracking websites instead:

Lastly, remember: "if you can't measure it you can't manage it!"

Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcome TO ALL!

Well hello to all followers! I’m happy you’ve decided to join us, here is where you can let it all hang out and talk about what we are all trying to obtain a Fit lifestyle Fabulosity and Fierceness ALL IN ONE!!! Me and Daisy are happy to have some ladies that can understand where we’re coming from on this subject! We hope that you find the information we provide helpful although we aren’t PROS! Please remember we’re on a journey as wel so we want you to share what you’ve found as well so…. Be sure to Rant and Rave with us on our Message Board on the >>>>>> of the page! DON’T HOLD BACK LADIES! WE READY, SO BRING IT!

Sweatn vs. Schedule Rant!

Hi to all that are destined 2bfitfabfierce, its Glo!!! Ladies I just want to share my struggle. Going to make this short and sweet! I’ve been struggling for about four years now with finding the time for working out!!!! This is starting to stress me out! I have a busy schedule and would like to also have a social life, like Duh! Oh and not to add RELAXATION TIME AKA ME TIME! HELLOOOO!!!! On a typical day I find myself going to school and from there work. Can someone please tell me where working out comes in at??? By the time I leave school my energy level has already decreased and then work adds the icing to the cake! Im unlike some people cant workout at home I need to be in a structured place! Cause I will get tired and flop on the couch! So I have to go to the gym by the time I eturn home its late in the evening and Im looking towards a good meal and a warm hot shower. Now I know some of  you can feel where I’m coming from.Please share with me how you balance such a tight schedule a still find time to sweat like a dog in HEAT!