Weight Loss Problem of The Week

There are so many issues you face during a weight loss journey. Here are the one's we've identified with. It's a small world, you've probably felt the same way at one time or another. Sit back and take a peak at our solutions to these problems!

(All weight loss problems are Courtesy of Tumblr)

Don't you hate when you see someone giving you the side eye as you track in public? Can't they just mind their business and move on?!
Solution: Try & track in advance or refrain from mean mugging outsiders who do not understand why you are calculating. Instead, try your best to smile & educate the ignorant!
"So you've finally decided to take charge of things in the kitchen and prepared this fabulous low calorie dish, but you can't stop grabbing seconds. Yikes?!"
Solution: Maybe you made too big a serving. Here's an idea: If your plan is to space this meal out as left overs for the rest of the week you should immediately pack it away as soon as its done cooking. BUT, if you can't trust yourself to keep out of the fridge, then you need to only make 1 serving of the meal because extras are way too TEMPTING!

"So your club is having their monthly meeting which consists of cookies, pizza, and junk food. Don't panic, make a plan!"

Solution: Ok Girl! First, take a deep breath. Be S.M.A.R.T & pack some healthy snacks to go in advance to munch on at the meeting. Perhaps some dry fruit, nuts, or berries. Reach in your bag and grab your bottle of water and guzzle it down as fast as you can. Next, eat your snacks FIRST. If you find that you want more then you can treat yourself to ONE item from the snack table but don't overdo it. Grab a cookie and more H20.

"You've finally got off the couch and are working on your fitness 3x's a week! What a huge deal but the scale won't budge or goes up instead, what gives?!"

Solution: Don't Cry! (I know this can be frustrating it's been my reality for the last 2 weeks) But this is more of a great thing than you think. Basically your body is building muscle tissue which means less fat tissue. Your metabolism is also speeding up. So even though the scale isn't showing your success your body measurements are. So, grab that tape measure and smile at your results. And the next time you get dressed see if your clothes are getting looser! Don't worry the pounds will start to shed but believe me measurements never lie!

"Why must the media torture our health journey by tempting us with those damn delicious food commercials ?!"

Solution: Let's play a game! For every food commercial you see, do a set of jumping jacks or jump rope. Each time up your count or start lifting some weights. Show those commercials that they are not the boss of you. Kick their ass by keeping up with your fitness, hmph! And have fun with it too
"It's Friday the say you've grown to dread
because it's Chinese Food day at your dorm!
What do you do?"

Solution: First you breath, smile, and realize that there is always an option! Although, Chinese food is infamous for its oily, saucy, large food portions it also has a dietary section on its menu! Did you know that? Take a peek at it and make great choices. Order something reasonable & tasty like steamed broccoli with chicken and request your garlic or soy sauce on the side. This way you can control how much you use! Cut out the rice and request more vegetables instead and you'll be enjoying yourself like everyone else in no time :)

"So determined to get that work in
but you forget to fuel up on nutrients?!"
Solution: Hold the front door! This is totally dangerous. That's like driving a car without an engine...somebodies going to get hurt! Last week I found myself feeling dizzy, sick, and tired after I stepped off the treadmill and it hit me! I didn't have enough to eat beforehand. Always prepare something high in protein & fiber to ensure plenty of energy for a successful workout. Look into whey proteins, smoothies, and fiber bars. You have to take care of your insides first before you can take care of your outsides!

"Is it a crime to snack on veggies instead
of junk in public?!"
Solution: This happens to me all the time when I'm snacking in between classes in school. I love carrots. Friends either do one of two things: 1) question me about why I'm dieting as if my body doesn't speak for itself or 2) say something really negative like "damn girl, I know you want some of these chips!" Ignore the questioning eyes and get your vegetable serving in. This journey is all about you not others so don't get side tracked by the uninspiring! You got this :)
"You're juggling at least 3 different
things in a single day. What to do?!"
Solution: Simple, answer. Make a schedule and PLAN, PLAN, PLAN in advance. You have to find a second to map out what exactly your week is going to look like to be sure that you can stay on track with your eating, exercise, and daily routine. Don't use your busy life as an excuse for constantly falling off track because it will only push you further back in your journey. If you know you'll be busy plan meals for the week early and prepackage your food at night. Set aside at least 30 minutes a day to get physical and fit! Now, grab that notepad and write it all down. You can do this

"Spice up your food choices and try something new. It's actually quite healthy for you?!"
Solution: I've had my share of being a picky eater for years and would stick to the same old food choices. However, once I started my weight loss journey I opened up to trying different things and boy what a change it has made! There are some great healthy recipes and food products out there but you have to take a chance and try them. Often you'll find that you actually like these healthy new selections and it adds flexibility to your menu. No one wants the same old boring meals over and over again. So, try something new. I dare you!
"You're out to lunch at the public cafe and
you every time you look up someone is staring at you funny, awkward?!"
Solution: If you're anything like me the first thing you might want to do is to tell them to buzz off or ask them what the hell are they looking at?! But let's not choose that hostile method just yet. Ignore them and bask in the fact that you are actually changing your life around and guess what? People are finally starting to notice it! You should feel excited and proud over your accomplishments. Smile, next time! =]
"Walking in the mall & you see someone stuffing their face with junk and all you can think is gross?!"
Solution: Hold up! Let's not forget at some point in time you were that person too. You thought it was okay to eat whatever you wanted, so let's not act like your sh*t didn't stink either. Yes, you are more educated on better food choices and options BUT you were that girl too. Next time hold that nasty comment or that judging look. Remember where you came from and embrace who you are today. NEVER FORGET!!
"Your gym buddy asked you what size you are now that you've decided to get healthy and fit. But wait you're not even sure yourself?!"
Solution: Well! I can attest to this one. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our journeys and our new health/fit routines that we forget the most important part, keeping track of our progress. First, grab a measurement tape and track your body in inches. Every month try on that goal outfit and see how close you are to fitting it. Make sure to go to the mall once a month and just try on clothes even if you aren't buying them to get an idea of where you are size wise. Its easy to drown in our old clothes or yoga pants. Keep a pair of jeans and try them on each month and watch how big or tight they get!
"Omfg, you've just realized that your half way down with your 10th cup of water today. Is it too much?!"
Solution: Well! I'm no doctor or professional to really offer a correct answer to this one but what I can say is: if you are working out for more than an hour that day, then no 10 cups is not too much. You need to keep the body properly hydrated when engaging in physical activities but outside of the gym? How the heck are you functioning without gluing the toilet bowl to your hips? More water = more runs to the restroom and more calories burned and more toxins released. You take your pick as long as your drinking water I don't see a real problem with it, haha. Use your own better judgement

"So you're one of those girls who inherited a sweet rack from your Mom which comes in handy every where else except for the gym?!"

Gahhh help! So I too am one of the girls with a heavy set of boobs and I know how frustrating it is getting in the gym wanting to be active but feeling literally weighed down or too busty! I have 3 quick choices for you to choose from: 1)What I like to do is wear a standard everyday bra with little to no padding in it and top it off with a black tube top camisole one size smaller to ensure that my girls have no room to move in between my gym movements. 2) Or you can wear a under wire sports bra and that same black tube top camisole over it to keep everything tight and in place 3)I also advice wearing a regular everyday bra with a under wire sports braon top but that can get a little irritating. I have yet to find the mother of all sports bras that can handle 48 D+ breasts :(
"Welp, there you go out with your girlfriends unsure of what alcohol to drink so you say oh well no nutrition label anyway might as well have 5 shots?!"

Solution: Wrong answer! If you know your going out to the bar or for drinks do some research in advance. Limit yourself to one cocktail or drink. Be sure to eat a hearty meal before your outing and drink plenty of water so that all you have room for is one drink. I know this is a hard concept to grasp since liquor is kind of a spring board for more cups but have some self control. If you find a low calorie drink for the bartender than just maybe you can splurge and have two servings. If not keep it to a minimum. Alcohol causes your weight to sky rocket due to all the sodium so try to drink further away from your weigh in ladies and always be responsible!

"It's that time again, Fall a.k.a school time. Are you as excited as me to hit the school gym again?!"

Solution: As you all know. I am completely starting over and ready for a brand new change. After not working out for two months I am hopping off the edge of my seat to get back to the school gym. The only problem is...the Fall schedule hasn't been posted yet. What should you do if your in the same boat as me? Use the time to gear up. Make sure your heart rate monitor is still working, rack up on socks, get fitted for a great sports bra, and clean out those water bottles. Now is the time to make sure all is right before getting in the gym to get that body tight. Let that be a little distraction until your college posts the gym schedule. Goodluck girls!
"Cruising down the food aisle and oh boy there goes that dang on sample food stand, oh wait there's 3 of them, yikes?!"

Solution: Okay, so don't panic! I know we are all kind of taught that nothing in life is free, so when we actually see anything remotely free we grab it just because. Before, you gobble those little samples think. 1) Are you really hungry? 2) Is this sample beneficial to your health? 3) Do you feel like you cannot live without trying it? If all your answers were no, then walk away from the sample stand my friend. If there were some yes's and no's, act wisely. A sample is meant to be just that...a small taste. Have it but don't be coming back fortriples, then you'll have a full out meal! P.S.Always keep chewing gum handy when grocery shopping so you won't have time to think about putting something else in your mouth!
"Your watching your favorite sitcom with a box of cookies, vowing only to take two, by the end of the show the entire box is empty, wtf?!"

Solution: Okay, so you may of have one too many bites but guess what? It's okay! We are all human beings and the moment we make ourselves feel like something is forbidden we set ourselves up for sabotage. There is such a thing as overindulgence and if it doesn't happen every day what's the big deal? Suck it up, accept the error, move on! Recovery is only one day away ladies. We can't beat ourselves up all the time. It doesn't matter how many times you slip so long as you find a way to break your fall.
"Getting tired of convincing people that yougenuinely care about your health and not theopinions of today's society?!"

Solution: Me freaking too! I find it extremely annoying that everyone feels you need to justify your reasons for weightloss. Why does it even matter? Why can't it be seen for the great thing that it is. Don't get me wrong society plays a role in depicting what "true beauty" looks like but at the end of the day we made decisions solely for us not society. Ignore these antagonistic comments from people and be sure to note exactly who they are because they are trying to thwart your journey to health ladies. Negative Nancy's must go!

"Oh snap, your running on a 2.5 incline and out of
nowhere your phone starts ringing...again?!"

Solution: You can't be too mad at anyone other than yourself for this one. Rule #1 of fitness, do not bring your phone unless it is a dire matter that you need it or else it will simply be a distraction. If you can text and run at the same time on the treadmill then you aren't working out hard enough and that phone is holding you back from surpassing your peak! If you must bring your phone make sure you let others know that you are working out at a certain time or put it on airplane mode. Trust me, you don't want to get injured for checking your phone while on a machine or fall behind because of it. Be smart! Forget that phone.
"Your friend asks, when the heck your diet will be over so you two can eat Mc.D's together again?!"

Solution: Okay ladies! First things first, we all know that this is not a diet. It's a lifestyle change to others on the outside looking in, its a hard concept to grasp. It can be extremely frustrating and discouraging when people make these kind of remarks. Don't get too quick to cussing them out. Simply explain that this is a forever thing. Say it with me--lifestyle change, lifestyle change! Just bare in mind that you will come across stubborn sallies who just won't listen when you have tocontinually explain that you are not dieting. Ignore them and stay true to who you are and what your doing to change your life around.
"This week your up +5lbs and all you
see in the mirror is you at your heaviest?!"

Solution: First thing I want to say is: stop! You can't keep looking for the negative. It will be disastrous to your self esteem and your well being. Don't be your own worst enemy if you don't have too. It's a horrible role to play. Trust me, I know. That one cheat week won't reverse all your months of progress be it shed pounds or a peak in stamina. It's unrealistic to wake up one more and believe your at your heaviest or unfit because you had one off week. Try to open your eyes to the compliments you receive on your success not your failures. If you can do that, this will no longer be your weight loss problem. #winning =)
"Mom, who drank my milk?!"

Solution: I deal with this problem so much its ridiculous. Its not easy trying keep up with healthy choices when your food keeps disappearing. Here are three things you can try to do: 1) write your name on your items, obnoxious but a must 2) separate your items from everyone else's make a special section in the cabinet or buy a storage bin just for your products 3) announce that although your glad their trying healthy products to not steal all of your stuff because it is yours! they can have some but not all! Tell me how this goes though 
"O-M-G, if I hear this song again?!"

Solution: One of the most inspirational parts about achieving your daily workout is that playlist. It can push you through even the toughest mental road blocks you may be experiencing during a session. Keep it updated so that you keep your fuel and motivation updated too. I usually try to take one time out of the month to tweak my playlist because it is vital during my workouts. If you are someone who doesn't find the time to do the same as me, sign up for Pandora where the playlists are constantly rotating! Do your best to keep moving ladies.
"Oh, man...it's just me and the
instructor in the room?!"

Solution: This is a great thing! This gives you time to warm up your body with some stretches, which will allow for flexibility, less tension, and more stamina! You can also use this as a segue to introduce yourself to your instructor. See if he or she can help you with any tips that will be beneficial to your workout, find out their interests, and listen to all of their suggestions. Talking to an instructor before a class can also help alleviate your nerves and apprehension before hand. You will feel so at ease and more confident! =)

"Damn, it's that time of the month

Solution: Unless you get those cramps and symptoms that make you feel like keeling over and dying, you're fine! Do not use this time as an excuse to slack, however you can use it as a time to go easy of the body. Make sure you stretch out thoroughly as it helps relieve cramps. Keep your pants bottoms dark and be sure to prepare right whether you are a pads or tampon girl. Drink tea before working out to calm down those nerves and the tension in the body. Take a class instead of hitting machines, something fun like yoga. Or stay in doors and do a video in the comfort of your own where awkwardness won't be such a big deal. Just keep moving!
"Dry scalp becoming too comfortable
in your hair and oh, no dry skin too?!"

Solution: Okay ladies! If you are constantly working out throughout the week, you are more than likely constantly showering throughout the day. Prepare your body so dry scalp and dry skin don't sneak up on you. First, moisturize your skin lightly before the gym. After you are done with your workout and have hit the showers: oil up your hair, give it a quick wash, condition, and bathe with some sort of body milk that will hydrate your skin! Try a mask while you shower or even exfoliate your skin afterwards. Develop a regime that won't cause build up and neglect for your face and skin!
"To go to the gym or not go to the gym,
I know I should 
really go?!"

Solution: So this is normal. If you are really giving your all to your workout sessions then you should feel like, "damn do I really want to feel that burn in the morning?" The minute you start thinking this way remind your self why you want to get in the gym. Write out a list keep it in your phone, on your night stand, on your ipad and reread each time you contemplateskipping out on a session. It's okay if you want to let the body rest but a rest is not permanent either. Be realistic, be honest, and be persistent. Each day you strive at the gym it gets easier so keep up with your trends, you'll survive one more workout. You need this!

"Wait a second...I haven't been planking correctly

Solution: Oh man! Didn't anyone ever tell you to correct your form? If not, don't sweat it. It happens to the best of us. It took me two months to realize the difference between crunches and sit ups! We all make a few doozies, the great thing is we attempted to do these moves no matter how right or wrong. So applaud yourself for that. But in the future google any moves you have in mind or simply consult the instructors/trainers at your local gym for form correction! Now try again =)
"Damn, I peep that collar bone but
omg is my butt really that big?!"

Solution: Stop! This will drive you crazy not only are you creating a double standard for your ego but you are damaging your shine. Any progress is progress no matter how big or small. Focus on the positive, if you keep dipping back into the negatives, (which is easy I understand) you will mentally build a barrier that will prevent any new success from appearing. Pace yourself and try to be more uplifting by using thesandwich method. Try this: "Wow, I haven't seen my collar bone in years but I could stand to tone my bottom some more. I'll work on that after I'm done gloating over my new bonecleavage. Rome wasn't built in a day. How great am I?"
"Friend: want to order dessert?
You: De-what now?!"

Solution: This is a total red flag and a number one sign that you may be depriving yourself. If you've forgotten that special part of the end of your day then you should really consider introducing it again. Ladies, just because you are getting fit doesn't mean that dessert has no place because it still does. Fruits, parfaits, granola, cookies, or whatever pleases your taste buds are welcome! Track it in advance & plan your meals well enough that you still have room for it. It will offer a piece of sanity and release that feeling of punishment and depravitythat can reverse all your efforts on a journey. Health isn't a punishment, eat dessert and be happy! =)
"Ugh...not again

Solution: Pump your breaks! This is a great thing. It means you are flushing the toxins and kidneys regularly. In doing so you are also burning constant calories running back in forth. Yes, its a total pain in the butt but it is totally work it in the end. You are keeping your body hydrated which is great for your metabolism and your glowing skin. Don't see this as negative instead view it as the positive reminder that you committed to change your health! Ain't nothing wrong with that!