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Weight Loss Success Interview ft. Alexis Gets Right

Before going straight into the interview, we at 2bfitfabfierce want to say thank you again to Alexis for contacting us! Alexis is a great motivation for not only us but for our followers as well! Her success thus far shows that she is dedicated and highly motivated and through reaching out to us, she wants to show others, that yes it is possible.

Health Journey/Weight loss Interview Questions:
1.    What motivated/inspired you to lose weight/get fit?
-       Actually there were a number of things that motivated and inspired me to lose weight and be healthy.
      *Ruth Slims Down is the person that inspired me
      *My wedding on May 26th, 2013
      *At risk for high blood pressure and diabetes.

2.    What would you consider the hardest challenge while losing weight and getting fit?
-       The hardest challenge for me was incorporating my workout routine to my busy life. I often put working out off until the next day and then I just work extra hard. I figure it’s a way to discipline myself.

3.    What was/is your nutrition and exercise regimen?
-       My problems were; not eating at all in the day time and then over do it at night. So I was instructed to eat more in the day time and nothing else after 6pm. I use the “guilt” approach to foods that I know are not okay so I will opt out of making that bad decision to getting a healthier option. I drink about 100 oz of water per day and I stopped frying my food. Now that my body is so accustomed to eating healthy, if I eat something that is bad, I am 99% sure I will have a stomach ache the next day.
-       A lot of people don’t know that as long as you burn more calories than you consume, you will lose weight. So as far as my exercise regimen, I alternate days with a great home workout video TURBO FIRE and the gym. I only use the treadmill and I alternate speeds between 3.0-3.5mph on a 15.0 incline for 70min burning almost 1250 cal.

4.    What tools helped make your health goals a success?
-       Online forums and blogs, MIO Heart rate monitor watch to keep track of calories lost, arm and tummy slimmer belts, good shoes, and the best tool of all prayer.

5.    What form of exercise would you recommend to a beginner?
-       I would recommend an easy workout for a beginner. When I started my weight loss journey, I walked at least 5-6 days a week for about 2-4 miles and I also did my calisthenics routine every other day. As far as calisthenics, I recommend using machines that tone the legs, stomach, arms, and back. I did 3 sets of 15 for each machine but one can adjust that to accommodate their limits.

6.    What motivational material inspired you to continue your journey?
-       The most motivational material that inspired me to continue on my journey was the very moment I received my email about this interview. I felt inspired to share my story with everyone so they can understand that they can do it too. I am excited about any and every opportunity to share my story and give support to people who think they can’t lose the weight. My supporters are what motivate me the most.

7.     During your journey did you hit a plateau and what did you do to overcome it?
-       I did hit a plateau in the beginning. It took about a week to break it and see results. I researched and asked questions about how to overcome it and how to stay away from it. At this point in my journey, I decided to confuse my body with alternating my regimen. I would do Turbo Fire on days that I did not go to the gym. I also increased my potassium by eating bananas more. Sure enough I started to see the number decrease on the scale.

8.    What would you have changed from the beginning of your journey now that you have learned from your success?

-       I wish I would have learned about the incline trick on the treadmill in the beginning because I probably would be a few pounds lighter

      9.  Has your weight loss made a change in how you view yourself?
-       Yes, I see a major change in myself. I rarely get upset anymore because I am so used to letting my frustrations go by working out. I am more calm and reserved and most things do not make me angry anymore. I have learned to let things go and focus on God, my family, and continuing on my weight loss journey. I have always been a strong person, but I have really proven myself to be stronger.

           10. What did you have to overcome in order to continue your journey?
-       In order to continue on my journey I had to basically put up a wall around any and everything that would take away from me completing my goal. I had to let friends know I couldn't go out or do the things I used to do because I had to focus on me and bettering myself physically and mentally. Thank God it worked and I feel like an entire brand new person.

Some follow-up questions:
            1.    What’s your favorite workout song?
-       My favorite workout song is: Work Hard Play Hard by Wiz Khalifa.

2.    What was/is your favorite exercises?
-       My favorite exercises are Turbo Fire and boxing.

            3.    How do you beat cravings or binges?
-       I beat my cravings and binges mentally. I trained myself to say no and just walk away without thinking about it anymore. Depending on the craving, I will occasionally satisfy them, but for the most part, I tune them out.

Here are a few pictures since seeing is believing...... 

1st Picture: On top right side I was 262lbs, on the top left side I was 245lbs

2nd Picture: I was 240lbs on 10/19/2012
3rd Picture: On the left side I was 245 and on the right; 215
4th Picture: I am 210 lbs here
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