Saturday, February 4, 2012

Let's Talk Tools!

Hey ladies! I think it is important that we all have the right tools around us when it comes to pursing a healthier lifestyle. It's just like going to school--you have to keep track of assignments right? So I thought I would share this great tracking/food diary sheet that will keep you on the ball. Remember our first lesson in being S.M.A.R.T? If you do, then you know that M, stands for measurable--you can't measure your progress if you aren't recording it! I hope these sheets will help keep you focused and aware of what's going in and out of your beautiful bodies.

For the full Printable PDF of both the Food and Fitness Journal Click here

*This sheet was not made by me, I found it on Pinterest*

Give these worksheets a try, tell me which ones work and which one's don't! If you find these worksheets aren't too helpful the perhaps it might be best to invest in using one of these amazing tracking websites instead:

Lastly, remember: "if you can't measure it you can't manage it!"


Becky said...

I downloaded the "fitsugar" slides =) Usually I'm not the type who writes down stuff, I cannot even keep up a diary xD but I'll give it a try, maybe I'll get the hang of it ;) Thanks for sharing =)


Glo said...

Hey Becky! I find that tracking keeps me accountable and allows me to see where I go wrong. I think that you should give it a try and I personally track on and I love it! maybe you should look into it, if youre interested

Just Daisy said...

Try it before you knock it! And if you find that writing down stuff isn't the route for you track with: Sparkpeople, My Fitness Pal or Medhelp which are all online electronic tracking sites!