Friday, February 3, 2012

Sweatn vs. Schedule Rant!

Hi to all that are destined 2bfitfabfierce, its Glo!!! Ladies I just want to share my struggle. Going to make this short and sweet! I’ve been struggling for about four years now with finding the time for working out!!!! This is starting to stress me out! I have a busy schedule and would like to also have a social life, like Duh! Oh and not to add RELAXATION TIME AKA ME TIME! HELLOOOO!!!! On a typical day I find myself going to school and from there work. Can someone please tell me where working out comes in at??? By the time I leave school my energy level has already decreased and then work adds the icing to the cake! Im unlike some people cant workout at home I need to be in a structured place! Cause I will get tired and flop on the couch! So I have to go to the gym by the time I eturn home its late in the evening and Im looking towards a good meal and a warm hot shower. Now I know some of  you can feel where I’m coming from.Please share with me how you balance such a tight schedule a still find time to sweat like a dog in HEAT!


Becky said...

I usually go in the evenings although sometimes I feel more motivated in the morning or during the afternoon, but usually at this time I'm at uni…Making/Planing a working schedule which includes "going to the Gym" is most of the time the most problematic part of the whole journey =/ Going in the evening, you're exhausted after the day and you find enough reasons why after all you cannot make it to the gym…
I hope that you find a personal fitting solution =)


ClassAKAlyChic said...

I definitely understand where you're coming from!!!! I used to try to make some time first thing in the morning for a quick workout. I figured that's better than nothing right?! I believe you make time for the things you want. Therefore, if a social life and being fit is something you want then you make time for it. Just like you make time for other things. I still haven't been able to manage my time the best all the time, but I believe you can do it! Friends always help too! It helps to have good friends to motivate you even when you don't feel like working out. It may not feel like it at the time, but those are the best!!! You've made great progress so far & I know you'll reach your goal!

Glo said...

Thanks Becky, Im going to try the early morning thing! but im not to much of an early bird.

@ClassAKAlychic, girl Its hard trying to find a balance for everything girl and great friends/motivators are a key factor besides yourself and goals. Thats where Daisy comes in to boost my spirit! Im going to continue this fight im not giving up