Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why Lose? | Daisy's Edition

Hey ladies! I am so glad to have you here. I think the best way to introduce you to this blog is to introduce you all to me and my weight loss journey thus far. So, I'm Daisy of I'm Just Daisy and I began this journey January 2011 at 260 lbs. Why you may ask? Well, I just became fed up and super motivated to put an end to those awkwardly intense doctor appointments regarding my weight where I would stare at the wall avoiding eye contact because I couldn't bare to hear the truth about how out of control my weight was. Growing up heavy was never a problem for me because I was never alone. I come from a thick family and almost never felt out of place about my chubbiness as a child.  I became very comfortable in my obesity and also very confident in my skin. However, once death became too familiar and illnesses became way too close for comfort, I decided enough was enough. 

My Plans:
400 Calorie Fix Diet 
  • Time: approximately 3 months (January-March, 2011)
  • Results: -20lbs
  • Pros: Great ice breaker for healthy eating and adjusting from terrible foods
  • Cons: Went off track for 2 weeks and gained back almost half of the weight lost
  • Ultimate Results: Walked away with a -13lb weight loss
Weight Watchers
  • Time: April 2011-Present
  • Results: -37lbs so far
  • Pros: A program structured around teaching you how to eat all the foods/nutrients you need while also learning how to balance the foods you love. There is no such thing as deprivation! Not a DIET but a lifestyle
  • Cons: None thus far
  • More: You can keep posted with my weekly updates here
Before Any Diets or Plans:
At 260lbs.
Progress Photos:

One dress + one change = a completely different fit

My 21st Birthday to the left and my 20th Birthday to the right

Cheetah print redefined--all it took was a little bit of hard work and a lot of dedicated time

I've been working at correcting my health for exactly a year now and one thing is for: I AM NOT GIVING UP. In fact, I am taking my time--moving at my pace, making sure that my body learns how to properly nourish itself. Bets believe that I am getting there. The proof is below!

Here are my stats/goals/rewards:
HT: 5'4" 

CW: 223 

SW: 260 (January, 2011)

GW1: 200 - new shoes

GW2: 180 - MAC makeover

GW3: 160 - new domain
UGW: 150 - wardrobe + photo shoot


ClassAKAlyChic said...

I love it!!!! "I'm losing weight because I love my body not because I hate it." Congrats on your weight loss & I wish you the best with the rest!

Glo said...

Wow Deja this is wonderful! You are definitely added to my list for motivation! and @ClassAKAlyChic thats really a great quote! I'm losing weight because I love my body not because I hate it"!

TinaDiva said...

excellent progress so proud of you xoxo

Becky said...

I am proud of you for making it this far already!=) and you're right: quitting should never be an option! (Although I already did it often enough after not seeing desired results -.-)
You look fabulous and you are an inspiration!=) I wish you the best for the rest of your journey =)


Just Daisy said...

Thanks so much girl! That quote is nothing but the truth a great way to approach the weight loss journey :D

Just Daisy said...

@glo thanks girl what an honor!!! I just hope to continue to be a motivation to myself and others as well :D

Just Daisy said...

@tinadiva thanks girl!!! I am trying to get like thats excellent progress :P

Just Daisy said...

@Becky thanks so muchhhh Becky! You're the sweetest and like I know how you feel. I've given up several years in a row and I guess I just decided enough was enough! You will commit when your ready and soon you'll be an inspiration to all of us <333

TinaDiva said...

amazing progress and it is so great to see how much our weight can transform us and I am so proud we both are not where we started in the whopping 260's you have done so great and you inspire me to keep going and your the best. I have the same goal incentives for a makeover and photoshoot not to mention to get to the same ultimate goal we gotta go shopping for a new wardrobe together when we are close to goalgreat job Deja :)

Anonymous said...

@TinaDiva Thanks so much girl! You are so right we both have made such a fantastic transition. I'm trying to catch up to you, its amazing we came from the exact same number/struggle. Wow, I am still stunned and I won't ever go back to 260! I just can't and when I get my act together and continue to reach goal we will so take that shopping spree and run with it girl. I have to give you extreme thanks for the support and endless motivation you offer. You truly are an inspiration and a success story, keep up the great work Tina :)