Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Eating Healthy While Supporting the Community

Farmer Markets-Locally Grown
As we all know the benefits of eating healthy and the expensive price of produce and other healthy options, I recently decided to do a little research. I looked into my local farmers market and not only found out that all the items are locally grown, but there is also fresh poultry and other meats being sold there as well. I thought that only produce would be sold there (little did I know, lol). I also found out that there was a small cafĂ©’ inside and everything being made there was fresh from the locally grown farms! Talk about a healthy place for shopping and eating. Now to the most important, business! I know that buying a bag of apples or fresh spinach is pricier than little Debbie cakes and Hostess. So I see this as a wallet friendly way to shop for healthier food options! (WoooHoo) I say that because these foods come directly from a local location, so its not(transportation) prices, the food is fresher because of the short distance and because the farmers want local support their willing to negotiate their prices!

So I encourage you all to do a little research and locate a farmers market in your area! And if you cant locate one, then there is always Trader Joes and Whole Foods near!
"keep it fitnfab"-Glo

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