Friday, January 20, 2012

Not the gym type? Too busy for a routine? Still want results?

Since the beginning of my own weight loss journey I have constantly been struggling with penciling in time to hit the gym. I don't know if its apart of me that is completely afraid of exercising in public or the practical part of me who just can't seem to make room in a busy schedule for a full out routine. Whatever it is, it's prompted me to make the decision to make one of my biggest goals for this year to move more and apply activity to my lifestlye because we all know weight loss is 70% nutrition and 30% fitness. Yes, you heard me right 30%! Are you balancing out this equation correctly?

If your answer was no then lucky for you because I have a solution! If you can't find the time or the energy to add in a full routine you can always grab one of these amazing exercise cheat sheets to kick start your body into moving again. Perhaps from there you will recieve an immense amount of confidence, motivation, or energy to really get serious about increasing your fitness routine or making it a permanent slot in your weekly activites which is strongly recommended.

I just want to mention that 2 B Fit Fab Fierce is a no judgement zone. It is okay if you are one of those people who cringes at the idea of working out or maybe your one of those people who cries tears of joy at the mere thought of fitness. However, if that's not you and you prefer these quick crash work out routines then so be it. As long as your moving your body then your making more of a difference then many people who are still lazying about on their sofas. So take a peak below at some awesome routines that I swaped from amazing blogs who I give full credit to. These routines were NOT formulated by me in any way.

And last but not least always remember:

Be sure to leave a comment letting us know if any of these cheat sheats were affective, whether you prefer full work out routines, or if you simply aren't ready to start moving yet! We want to hear more from you ladies :)


Becky said...

I really do enjoy working out/moving around/getting busy, but I still use excuses which are a good reason why I am where I am now…I'm a former athlete, I love sports, but a Gym is not necessarily my first choice, especially when it comes to keeping motivated, although it does the weight-losing-job… But I definitely will try these work-out plans you posted because I have no money to spare for Gym at the moment x) *thank you*


Just Daisy said...

Wow! I had no idea you were an athlete Becky! That's so freaking cool, I know you can get out there and work out that body. It's time to let go of excuses and get moving because YOU CAN DO THIS! I know its hard taking the first steps but once you start you won't ever want to stop :D

Working out on a budget? Trust me I know the money struggle try out these quick, free, workouts lady! :)