Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time for a change/Whats your Reasoning???

My reasons for losing weight
1.    Prevention of Diabetes, Hypertension blood pressure and other diseases caused by being overweight
2.    To shop in non-plus size sections
3.    To wear a Bikini once In my lifetime
4.     Extend My Lifespan
5.    Gain Energy
6.    To become aware of different food choices
7.    Tired of the Muffin Top Bizzness

So what are your reasons for wanting to lose weight or living a healthier lifestyle?

“Keep it fitnfab”-Glo


TinaDiva said...

you can do it and all those reasons are the same reasons for me.

Glo said...

Tina girl it is a struggle for real!

TinaDiva said...

It really is but we can do this start with a small goal even if it is 5 lbs and focus on that then the nxt 5 lbs you got this girl come on you can do it.

Glo said...

thanks for the motivation girl! I'm trying one day at a time

Kanesha said...

ALL OF THE ABOVE! Plus my mother was sharing with me, that her trainer presented them with the scenario:
what if something were to happen to you where you cannot take care of yourself, and your loved ones had to be the care takers. Its not the issue of not being healthy, but the weight would make it hard for your family (especially if its one of your parents) to take care of you efficiently.

It made me think, that yes I want it for me, but for my family as well. We are all on a wellness journey!

Glo said...

OMGosh I've never thought about that scenario but that is very true my aunt and mom are both nurses and they've talked about how bigger patients were harder to care for. And a family thats on the same journey is a great idea and more ppl would be successful with weightloss if they received family support