Sunday, June 17, 2012

How To Fight Off A Binge!

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I get it, this journey isn't easy or perfect. There are times when we simply cannot resist the urge to have something a little bit risky. Something that isn't in your tracker, something you have no intention of writing once your done biting.  For a lack of a better word, it is the it that shall never be named; the Binge

It makes us feel good for a moment then ten seconds after we feel guilty as hell and tons of disappointment. It makes us question the direction of the rest of our day and our weekly plan! It takes full control over us and we kind of fall victim easily.

But to avoid this whole process, we just need to keep our minds busy and come up with ways to combat that inner desire from our guts. Here are few distractions you can work on when you get that, "OMG I want to eat any and everything in this house" feeling. 

What Will I Try Out?
  • Guzzling down a cup of water as fast as I can
  • Going through my before and after pictures
  • Making a list of why not to binge
  • Jumping rope or hitting some squats
  • Eating sugar free jello (5 calories) with fat free whipped cream (5 calories) = 0 points treat!
  • Calling Glo!

How do you fight off a possible binging

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Have You Lived Today? said...

where was this list yesterday?! i started texting ppl asking "why am i still eating even though i'm full?" life happens i guess. great post!