Thursday, June 7, 2012

Plate Check Guide

Hey ladies! I thought we all needed a quick, easy, lesson in plates.  I know being on a weight loss journey is tough and some things aren't written out in a manual book to easily access.  However, luckily Glo & I are here to help you all out the best way I can. 

Before my journey I had not a clue that my plate was supposed to look a certain way. But it certainly is! So listen up, take notes, and make changes to your plate if necessary (no one is perfect):
  • It is advised that half your plate be consumed with leafy greens and vegetables.
  • A quarter should contain grains or starch
  • A quarter should contain your protein or meat which should be between 3 and 4 oz the most

3 Quick Tips:
  1. Use a salad plate to make it easier not too overdue your portions. I find this extremely healthy and it creates the illusion that my plate is crowded with food when it really isn't
  2. Use measurement tools! Don't be afraid to place your meal on a scale to determine that it is exactly 3 oz or use a measurement cup to make sure you're putting precisely 1 cup worth of rice on your dish
  3. Remember to track it! You bite it you write it ladies!!!

Does your plate look like this?
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Miss Dre said...

I love this guide! Thanks for sharing this! My biggest problem is portion control, so I have to remember to use a smaller plate and make sure to use the grains, veggies, and protein ratio.

I gotta write this down!