Thursday, August 2, 2012

1/2 of 2bfitfabfierce is Back

Hey loves,

I know its been forever since I've submitted a post! Sorry for that hiatus, now your girl is back, now for my bestie she'll be back soon. We've gotten so tied up in our studies and summer hype. As for myself I've fell off and have GAINED! yes I did gain approx. 6lbs yes go ahead shake your head, cause I know I did and still am. uggh all those late night runs to sonic for a milkshake has caught up with me and the fact that I dont come out till after 6pm has had an effect on me. So yeah ladies I'm back on my "A"game. Previously I used to track but now I'm trying to get used to I will provide my usernames to this post if you want to add me! Hope all is well with your journeys! keep up the good work ladies! Poshladi glo_


MissHaneefa said...

6 pounds isn't too bad, just get back at it and you will be back in the game in no time!

Chi-Chi said...

welcome back!

i've missed the motivational mondays, look forward to seeing them again!

6lbs is not bad; they found you, but it can be easily lost again! because of the olympics, my usual training schedule has halved. but with all the excitement, jumping and screaming i'm doing for team GB, i should still be fit!

Falala Mele said...

YAY! I missed you guys! Talk about summer....I managed to catch up with Deja...both of us talking about social eating with family and friends for special occasions..... I ate Amy Ruth's! But when will I be able to eat it again here? Only in Harlem right....I'm back at it too.... We can always fall off as long as we get back on again!

GO HARD GLO! Let's own this week xo

Shawneda Marks said...

Congrats on making your way back that is what matters most. Happy losing!

Anonymous said...

@MissHaneefa isn't but its crazy how fast it comes back, lol.

@Chi-Chi girl those motivational mondays are coming back especially for you! and youre right those lbs found me fast.

@Falala Mele yess girly we are BACK and thats one of the main things that made 6lbs run back to me!I'm glad we back on our A Game.

@Shawneda Marks yes I'm happy I'm back, I know I was neglecting my body, I had to stop the abuse