Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4 Peaks At Success & 1 Surprise

Hey girls hey! I hope your Tuesday is going well and if it's not please allow me to brighten it up. I feel like we all can use an extra dose of motivation and I want to provide you with a picture of success courtesy of one of my favorite tumblr pages: before and after pictures. Tumblr is the place to be for a motivating, uplifting, weight loss community and here's a few before and after's that I just had to share. I hope they empower you to continue persisting through your own health and fitness challenges too. 

Starting Weight: 205 lbs
Current Weight: 135 lbs
Lost: 70 lbs
Tumblr: Her Website

Starting Weight: 320.7 lbs
Current Weight: 183.8 lbs
Lost: 137 lbs
Website Unavailable

Starting Weight: 234 lbs
Current Weight: 174 lbs
Lost: 60 lbs
Website Unavailable

Starting Weight: 265 lbs
Current Weight: 165 lbs
Lost: 100 lbs
Tumblr: Her Website

Now, it's time for your surprise!
Hehe, through this is in for shits & giggles. If Shrek can Hulk it out so can we!

P.S. Always Remember:


MissHaneefa said...

Love it!

Ebbs said...

These are some great transformations.....very motivating.

2bfitfabfierce said...

@misshaneefa yay! I am so glad you do!

2bfitfabfierce said...

@ebbs I'm so happy it is motivating all you wonderful ladies to keep going


Shawneda Marks said...

The Shrek to Hulk pic is PRICELESS! Great post.