Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Guess Who's Back?

Hey ladies! I know you all may have been wondering where I've been? What I've been doing? And most importantly, why has 2bfitfabfierce been neglected. Speaking for myself, I personally owe you all an apology for my lack of posts, motivation, and answers. This summer has been one of the most exhausting ones to date. I got very involved in summer courses and am finally resting for the first time all summer as I gear up for  the start of a full Fall semester this Monday. This summer I lost my cool, I lost my ambition, and I lost my self love for my body. I buried myself in entertaining others and forgot about honoring myself. Honoring my goals and honoring my health. 

In the midst of all my chaos I suffered a 15lb gain in the span of 3 months. Bringing me to 231lbs. That means I gained 5lbs every single month. I can't make any excuses for my behavior during this Summer but I can hold myself accountable for my actions. I am back now and ready to improve my health. I am ready to start anew. 

What am I going to do to fix it? Well, here's my plan. 
12 Ways To Take Back My Weightloss Journey
1.) Dieters Tea - since my food intake has not been the healthiest these past months, I think it is safe to say my body needs a through colon cleanse. I need to flush my body of these toxins ASAP!
2.) Protein Shakes - I am going to start up with my GNC protein shake supplements as a way to boost my metabolism.
3.) Drink Alcoholic Beverages Every Other Week-this Summer I found myself drinking twice a week entertaining friends and family. Liquor packs on the pounds and increases salt intake. Those pretty cocktails are the devil and so hard to avoid in the 21 & over lifestyle.
4.) Grilled Not Fried - This will be my rule for all meats! There's no if and's or buts about it.
5.) Two Snacks A Day - 1 healthy like carrots & dip or sliced strawberries with whip and 1 tasty like cookies or popped chips.
6.) Work Out 4x's a week - Now I know it will take a while to build up my endurance for this but I plan on starting with a 2x's a week minimum for my workouts as my body readjusts to moving again
7.) 8 Glasses of H20 or more - I plan on drinking a cup before I eat a meal and directly after meals
8.) 5-6 Servings of Fruits or Veggies - This has to happen; point, blank, period!
9.) Blogging My Weekly Weigh In's - Blogging really kept me motivated and on track. You all play a huge role in my weight loss success and are more inspirational than you think, thank you.
10.) Meetings, Meetings, Meetings - I like the idea of a weekly recap with a group of women who are doing the same thing as me. Striving for the same goal: being HEALTHY! 
11.) If I Bite It, I Must Write It - Let the church say Amen to that! Accountability is everything on a challenge like this. The only way I can be honest with myself and realistic about my results is by doing this
12.) Being Patient - It's so hard to become frustrated and want to seek immediate results which is one of the reasons why it was so easy for me to go astray but I must work on this. Success takes time to grow.

And from this day I solemnly swear to:

I now ask for you all to please bear with me as I reclaim my motivation and persistence on this roller coaster journey. We fall down but we definitely get right back up! 

Cheers to new beginnings!


Falala Mele said...

How are you? Im glad you are back! I've missed you! I know how you feel! My weight has stayed the same and I have been really good with my workouts but to continue to transform my body and weightless I need to really control my eating habits. I haven't been bad (weekends Theresa and I relax a little) but I want to be better, and stronger with what I put in my mouth. HERE HERE to winning at life and feeling good!

Shawneda Marks said...

Welcome back. Your steps are awesome. You'll be back down again in time. No worries (it keeps your cortisol levels down). Have a healthy day.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Mele it's great that you were able to even maintain your weight with all the summer fun you had in NYC. That's so impressive Meles and I am totally proud of you. I love that Teresa is working right beside you at this healthy game. It's great to have moral support and cheers to keeping up with a workout routine. I am sure once you truly reflect on whats going in and out of your mouth, you will start to see that scale move down. You've got this girl!


Anonymous said...

@Shawneda I really appreciate the support and understanding. You are absolutely right, I need to tackle with the stress zone and keep it tamed for sure.

Enz said...

Congrats on recommitting.

Anonymous said...

@Enz why thank you!

Schnelle A. said...

hi! I stumbled on your blog and it is SO motivating!! You seem like you will get right back to your weightloss journey just fine. Looking forward to following along!

Anonymous said...

@schnelle Welcome Schnelle. I am so glad the blogger gods sent you surfing our way. We look forward to hearing your feedback on future posts and I appreciate the words of encouragement deeply.