Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Work Out Wednesday: Orange & Blue

Orange x Blue

Orange x Blue by classicdaisy featuring juicy couture watches

When I first saw these sneakers, the first thing that came to mind was my pride for my first university: Morgan State. Although, I transferred from there two years ago, my school pride has somehow followed me into the present. I own so much orange and blue paraphernalia! These sneakers would bring a full look together where I can sport my school spirit and still get my workout on. Both colors paired together are so bright, vibrant, and tons of fun! I've never owned a pair of Onisuka Tiger kicks but they sure do look funky enough to fit my edgy style! What do you think of them?

BKE long tank top

$30 -

NIKE sports bra
$35 -

Juicy couture watch

And in the words of Morgan States Mascot:
"Cause we are the bears & we don't take no mess cause orange & blue is the best!"


Chi-Chi said...

not sure i personally, would wear these colours together.....but they do look good. i'm really loving the bottoms!

2bfitfabfierce said...

@chi chi haha, I'm a native New Yorker the Knicks colors are inevitable around here :D


Shawneda Marks said...

Looks good. My Dad is a Morgan State Alum! Go Orange and BLUE!

2bfitfabfierce said...

@Shawneda OMG no way?! Small word haha, tell that morganite I said morgan forever forever morgan! :D