Sunday, December 30, 2012

Glo is BACK!!!!!!!!

Hello Lovelies, it’s your girl GLO. I’ve been on a serious hiatus and haven’t blogged since forever. Although I haven’t been blogging, I have been implementing exercise within my daily routine and trying to eat healthier. By looking at my workouts as apart of my day, I don’t dread doing them as much. I know with the New Year approaching, there will be many bloggers posting, so I wanted to get ahead of the rush! Every year I’ve made the weight loss goal, this up and coming year I plan to just build upon how far I’ve come. Nonetheless, I do plan to be on some beach wearing a bikini in the summer of 2013. So it’s ON!!!!! Below are a few pics from #2012 (potentially before shots) In case you’re new to the blog and you’re interested in getting to know more about me I have a personal blog (haven't updated that in while either) that you can 
visit if you’re interested click here… I also want to share with you that I have become a Zumba FANatic and I use to track, if you'd like to add me there click here

Until next time……..



Mitzi said...

Welcome back Glo! I need you to send me some fashion tips asap - you look great!

Happy New Year!
~new follower

Chi-Chi said...

welcome back!

Ro said...

Welcome Back and YES YES YAASSSS to those fashions. you look fab :-)

Glo said...

@Mitzi hey girl thanks for the welcome back and I'm more than excited to share fashion tips etc with you, unfortunately those post will not be on this site, but instead my personal blog at

@Chi-chi: I'm happy to be back, got's to get back on track.

@Ro: thanks lady, lol. follow my personal blog if you want to see more of this in the #2013.