Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Work Out Wednesday: 5 Gifs To Keep You Moving!

Happy Work Out Wednesday ladies! This week I wanted to change up the flow this week and share a few gif clips to get you all moving. There are so many different moves out there that we either a) get too overwhelmed and stick to a select few or b) are too afraid to try any. Here are some clips that give a peek at what your form, technique, and structure should look like during these key moves. I hope they inspire you to try something different and new. Even if you try each move once you'll be one step closer to being fit!

1.) ABS: Focus on hitting your core and attacking those abs of flab! (10 reps each side)

2.) BUTT: Donkey Kicks help tighten that glute into a perky piece of perfection. (10 reps each side)

3.) LEGS: Hit those lunges with everything you've got and build that muscle. (10 reps each side)

4.) ARMS: Grab a 2 lb weight and get those arms swinging for tight guns. (10 reps each side)

5.) TOTAL: Jumping rope targets all of your needs as an all intensive workout (10 minutes)

Ladies don't forget to stretch it out!


TinaDiva said...

great post need this


luv_lyfe93 said...

LOVE! I needed this too!