Friday, September 14, 2012

Glo's HRM review

Hey loves, its Glo coming to you with a review that’s long overdue. I have had my FABulous Heart rate monitor for a few months now and unfortunately I have yet to show and tell. When I first started looking for a heart rate monitor, I didn’t know exactly what specifications I needed nor what I wanted to track other than calories and my heart rate (duh). So after searching several different brands I finally decided on the Garmin FR70! I must say that other than my newest Nike trainers, it was the best investment I’ve made towards my health.

Details about my FR70 HRM

Cost: $129.99

I’m able to track my calories, time and of course my heart rate! With my FR70 I’m also able to track distance and speed with the addition of a Garmin foot pod. I also have the option of tracking the distance of my cycling workouts! Another great feature is the advanced training options and virtual training partner. But the best feature of all is the automatic syncing of my workouts straight to my computer via Garmin Connect.

Foot Pod Cost: $69.99

Screenshot of my activity from Garmin Connect! For more details visit!


Shawneda Marks said...

Those have always fascinated me. Thanks for sharing one that is reasonably priced as well. Bookmarking this page!

Anonymous said...

Great Review Glo!

I love how pretty and cute yours is :)