Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Workout Wednesday: Burst of Blue

You know what time it is right ladies? It's Workout Wednesday and I need us to all stay active, motivated, and on track.  It's a lot to ask for but I believe that you can do it. Each and everyone of you can claim your journey as your own and turn fitness into your craft. With the coming of a new season its easy to slack but not this time around!

So it's getting chilly out and guess what? I think its the perfect weather for outdoors fitness. Throw on a cute sweat shirt and your favorite workout kicks and get moving. This outfit is the perfect mix of girlishness and kick ass.  Aren't those Nike shox sneakers cute?

H m
$21 -

Nike Brasilia 5 XS Brasilia Grip Bag
$18 -

Get started today!

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