Saturday, October 13, 2012

Daisy's Detox Menu Plan

Hey ladies! If your experiencing that new season lag in your weight loss and are looking for something to jump start your metabolism, I volunteer to share my second detox menu with you.  Now I want to point out that the calorie intake is significantly low but it is made up for the amount of protein you are taking in.  Yes it is low in points plus but you are receiving a great amount of nutrients and therefore will sustain hunger and feel full despite the amount of calories. Remember this only meant to shock the body temporarily not permanently. Do not abuse, matter fact here are the rules below.

Detox Do's:
  • Drink plenty of water and always remain hydrated
  • Indulge in unlimited fruits and vegetables if hunger strikes (which it shouldn't as this is a low fat high protein rich meal plan)
  • Eat when you are hungry do not deprive yourself
  • Designate your emergency snacks (keep them high in protein and low fat) such as: nuts, blueberries, granola, popcorn, etc.
  • Constantly eat in between meals as suggested
  • Customize this meal plan to fit you: swap out certain fruits for your favorites and etc.
Detox Don'ts:
  • Do not skip out on detox meals
  • Do not limit your carb intake significantly 
  • Do not substitute dairy for fruits, you need your daily dairy requirements as well!
  • Do not turn this into a how long can I go without eating meal plan
  • Do not make this a permanent meal plan! 
  • Do not exercise viciously, keep it to a low impact workout like a walk. If you are burning these calories your body will surely got into starvation mode and that is dangerous for you and your health!
  • Limit to one week or every other week do not repeat consecutively 

Good luck and do tell us how it works for you!


_OhSoBree said...

Just Curious, What do you use for you whey protein shake?

Just Daisy said...

@_OhSoBree I use GNC Whey Protein Mixed Berry Flavor! It's amazinggggg