Saturday, March 17, 2012

Grocery Shoppin(Small Pickup)

 Hey Ladies,

I did a bit of grocery shopping earlier this week and wanted to share with you.  Below are some quick snapshots I was able to get. The most important items for this shopping trip was fruits/veggies and healthy snacks of course! 

So The 1st place was Sam's Club because I like their fruit/veggie prices and of course the quantity! So here is my Basket of goodies

Fruit cups Mixed variety/ Peaches
Tomatoes for salads
Bag Lettuce(Salads)
Apple Sauce Cinnamon/ Original
Red Seedless Table Grapes
Fuji Apples(All time FAVE!!!)
I also threw in some other things such as eggs, Double Fiber bread, Pepsi Max, Milk(household)

2nd and Last stop was WALMART!!! Ok so here is where I picked up my normal goods! Except I decided to try some new Ice cream, yogurt and lean cuisines!

So tell me whats on your grocery list/cart??? So I can try something new


Just Daisy said...

your haul looks great Glo! especially the ice cream and condiments, great choices thanks for sharing girl


Glo said...

Thanks Daisy!

TinaDiva said...

Great choices glo mmm now I am hungry lol


Glo said...

@TinaDiva girl i was hungry when i was shopping lol! grl i cant wait to see your next grocery haul!!! and you look FABulous

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