Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Top 10 List

(short bread cookies, cupcakes, fried chicken, caramel sundae, chinese food, pizza, frozen alcoholic beverages, candy bars, potato chips, seasoned french fries)

Hey ladies! I hope your week is going great. I wanted to share this exercise I found over at my favorite tumblr site, That ARThletic Girl. Basically, I've composed a list of my Top 10 High Calorie Favorites. I know you are wondering why in the world would I do such a thing, right?
Well, according to Dr. Sharpio's Picture Perfect Weight Loss, you should "try this: List your personal top 10 high-calorie favorites. These aren't foods you’re not allowed to eat, just your unhealthy favorites that undermine your healthy eating efforts. Putting them in a list allows you to put them in the forefront of your mind, leading to food awareness."

Once you list them, you'll be far more conscious of the next time you reach to put them in your mouth. But if you are someone like me who still tries to balance the healthy/unhealthy choices, maybe you can take this list to the next level and also use this list as a reference for the foods you can eat every once in a while as a treat because we all know deprivation leads to complete sabotage

What's on your top 10 list? 
Share your favorites in a comment below!


Finding Me, One Pound at a Time said...

I like the idea. Thanks for sharing!

Just Daisy said...

@finding me, one pound at a time

we are so glad that you liked the idea, keep coming back for more :D