Saturday, March 10, 2012

Our Monthly Weightloss Report

Challenges: For the month of February I started out doing good then I fell off when my birthday came! I couldn’t deny nor turn down birthday cake.

Accomplishments: I can’t really say I had any real accomplishments this month but I plan to improve much more in March.

Peak: I didn’t have a peak except for the delicious birthday cake I ate everyday after I first cut it! (Just being honest)

Pit: I consider that the entire month was a bad month because my weight didn’t change nor did I really accomplish anything health wise.

Stats: unfortunately I don’t have any current stats I’d like to share but my ultimate goal weight remains in the 150-160lbs range.

NOTE: I really didn’t do anything extravagant nor have too much success in February so that’s why I really don’t have much to say to the above answers! Pardon me; I’ve made a promise to myself that March will be a better month. So be on the look out for my March update!

Goals for March:

·       Lose a total of 10lbs
·       Overcome late night munchies
·       Try Spinning for the 2nd time
·       Become a Frequent member at my local YMCA
·       Try the Sauna out
·     Continue to complete MEATLESS Monday’s with Daisy!!!

Hey ladies! I hope you had a wonderful February and if you didn't thank goodness for March! I just want to say thank you for being so motivational during my weight loss journey. You've made all the difference and I am so inspired and confident that Glo & I made the right choice by starting this blog. Now, I know you've been wondering what's been going on with the stats, I shared with you last month. So here we go!

Challenges: After finally coming down from my Holiday hiatus of unhealthy eating habits and a lack of tracking, I decided it was time to keep pushing forward. I was becoming too content with the -40lbs I'd lost and once I started gaining 5-6 of those lbs back I was too through with my poor choices. So, I decided to give my Weight Watcher's etools my undivided attention. It took a while getting back into the swing of things but better late than never.

Accomplishments: I joined the free gym at my school and I haven't looked back since. I'm reaching my 4th week of being active and it feels amazing! I couldn't have done it without that awesome chick up there, GLO! She pushed me like you wouldn't believe and I am so grateful for her endless support.

Peak: Losing -3.4 lbs after weeks of gaining. Realizing that I LOVE being active! Sharing my healthy snack ideas with my boyfriend and catching him eating my carrot grape combo.Also, tricking him into trying out my homemade smoked TURKEY sausages. Now he's hooked, haha =]

Pit: The awful fluctuation of my weight. It literally made me feel self-conscious about all the success and progress I made during my journey. I started to feel like I was losing faith in myself. I just beat up myself really bad over it. I also kept these feelings a secret from my loved ones and it felt horrible! (Please, DON'T do this, if you ever need someone to listen GLO & I are all ears. I promise!)

  • Current Weight:  223lbs | 221.4lbs 
  • Goal Weight: 200lbs
  • Measurements: 
    • Waist - 47 in | 44.5 in 
    • Bust - 48 in | 44 in
    • Thighs - 46. 5 in | 40.5 in
    • Arms - 16 in | 15 in
Goals for March:
  • Lose at least -5 lbs.
  • Try out pilates class.
  • Print out more positive affirmations to stay focused, motivated, and fit.
  • Try & Share new recipes.
  • Start saving for a heart rate monitor calorie counter watch.
  • Be able to plank for 30 seconds.
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great job ladies

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Thanks so much Tina Girl! :D