Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gym Buddy or Solo Dolo Flow

Okay ladies! I don’t know if you’ve ever considered having a gym buddy or not but when I first started out in the gym, I thought it would be cool. I thought that maybe we could encourage one another and talk as we go! Boy was I wrong!! Lol okay so here are the things that went wrong with my so-called gym buddies:

1.     The person would be late
2.     She seemed focused on themselves only, I was the only one interested in offering motivation during the workout
3.     The person would agree to come on certain days and times and as usual things came up and that made me consider not going by myself
Okay so those are only a few things that I can point out but since then, I’ve learned a few things and now only prefer to go by MYSELF! This is my new perspective on the SOLO-DOLO workout

1.     I can be self centered and focus on myself
2.     I can stay as long or as short of a timing if I want without considering my buddy time restraints.
3.     I can machine hop without considering my buddy preferences

So ladies share with me your experience working out with a gym/workout partner whether your experience was good or bad……

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Yum Yucky said...

Gym buddy? Nope. Don't want it. But a buddy for outdoorsy-type fitness buddy is awesome and fun. My teenage son fills this role, most for hiking, to protect me from rabid bears and ninja deer & stuff. As if my husband is gonna get off his butt and hike with me? Nope.

Anonymous said...

I think that a buddy for the outdoor activities is great!!! gym buddies get in my way!

Just Daisy said...

@yum yucky girl I agree! I have a gym buddy for one day out of the week and it gets hectic trying to keep up lol thank goodness for your adorable son!

TinaDiva said...

I feel gym buddies are great to take classes only where you are forced to focus on the instructor and the class. I had my fare share of a gym buddy to work out on machines together and all we did was talk and not really work out to our full potential so thats why I only work out with a gym buddy for group exercises.


Glo said...

@TinaDiva you are so right gym buddies are okay for classes! its a great idea cause if you can talk that mean you aren't working hard enough

Just Daisy said...

@tinadiva I agree girl! For classes a gym buddy sounds like a must but for machines its trouble. If you can talk you are certainly not maximizing your strength to the fullest which = a poor work out like Glo said lol