Monday, October 1, 2012

Hello October & Hello Monthly Healthy Food Options!

Hey ladies! I was pinning around on pinterest and found this absolutely FABULOUS calender for the month of October. The snazzy folks over at fitness magazine came up with a eat right healthy eating planner calender. There is a new recipe listed for each day! I don't think ya heard me, that's 31 - days of super foods that are fresh, delicious, yummy meals. Helloooo...I know it gets boring make the same old meals so why not spice up your lunch and dinner with a little bit of variety.

Shake up that meal plan ladies, what are you waiting for!

(credit: all resources, pictures, and links courtesy of fitness magazine)


Falala Mele said...

Totally ready to get focussed and recommit to healthy choices and lifestyle. THANKS Ladies ;)

Shawneda Marks said...

So I'm off to pinterest ... such a fun and productive online playground. Thanks for sharing the calendar. Have a healthy week!

Just Daisy said...

@Mele when ever your ready we are so here for you girl!

Just Daisy said...

@shawneda it gets me in trouble because it is so addicting! I love pinterest lol thanks for the best wishes and let us know how the calender works for you!