Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year Ladies!

Happy New Years! We hope you had a safe holiday season and wish you the best for a productive year. Make #2013 all about you and taking charge of your health. It's time to get focused and excited for change!

Start by asking yourself these three simple questions:
  1. What is your goal weight?
  2. What and how can you become stronger?
  3. What's going to ensure that you eat healthier?
Once your done, map out a game plan, exercise schedule, shopping list, and a piece of motivation. You can do this, we're here for you!

Are you on board for a change in your health this year?


Chantelovesbeauty said...

I am on board I tried on 2010 and I lost almost 50 pounds Then I had a baby put the 50 back on and then some now in 2013 I am ready to get back on board this blog is so inspiring I love reading it


Anonymous said...

Hey girly, trust me Daisy and I know about setbacks, we welcome you to our blog and would love for you to join us on a healthy journey 2013