Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Work Out Wednesday: Four Shades, Four Mantras, Four Sneakers!

Pick a color, find your mantra, and create your motivation!

Purple, Violet, Lavender
  • For the rebel in you who pushes through each obstacle
  • "Don't stop believing!"
  • Nike Free Run 3 +
Yellow, Orange, Tan
  • For the charismatic achiever who doesn't believe in negativity 
  • "Don't let anyone take your sunshine away."
  • Nike Free Run 3 +
Coral, Pink, Red
  • For the vibrant fighter who always has a plan
  • "Don't believe the voice that says you can't because you can."
  • Nike Free Run 3 +
Turquoise, Green, Teal
  •  For the cool dreamer who wants to transform those dreams into reality
  • "Don't loose sight of what those dreams mean"
  • Nike Free Run 3 + 

What color speaks to you?


Chi-Chi said...

such pretty colours! love the purple and turquoise trainers x

Just Daisy said...

@chi chi really my favorite is the coral!

Shawneda Marks said...

I'm loving the purple and the coral...because I'm a planner who pushes through obstacles.