Tuesday, April 17, 2012

BINGE Recovery Guide 101

Ok ladies let's keep it 100% right now. Binges happen! Life gets in the way and sometimes we go with our gut before our minds. There is no need to fret or worry though. I've struggled with binges just like you and I probably didn't handle them in the best ways. I'll be frank and even say that prior to this I didn't really know that there truly was a healthy/safe way to manage it. Here are a few tips provided by the awesome weight loss teams over at Tumblr on how to get your emotions, insecurities, and cravings under control. The most important thing you can do is LIVE & Learn. Your lesson starts right now, listen up!

I hope these tips were resourceful and if you have any extra safe coping tips for binges, I strongly encourage you to provide them below. We work as a team here and all thoughts, comments, & suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

So, how do you cope with binges?


Falala Mele said...

GOODNESS your posts are soooo in tuned to my life....went out with friends on the weekend to a music festival...stood there for like 12 hours, no food, no toilet break, minimal water....when it was finally done and we ate at Maccas because we were sooooo hungry and nothing else was open. I usually opt for a wrap with water...but this time I wanted the burger and fries and milkshake! I ate it...felt awesome for about 2 minutes then I felt the sugar crash....such a poor choice...but I had to move on to the next day, the next workout and I totally smashed some little goals. Today I jogged for 20 minutes straight without stopping on the treadmill (BIG achievement for me) at a distance of 2.3km (I was working towards 2km and it was the first time I attempted it after setting the goal) so even though I had setbacks, I re-focused and moved on with it :)

TinaDiva said...

I agree

Finding Me, One Pound at a Time said...

Great post! :-)

Just Daisy said...

@mele yesss! that's amazing! That food always tastes good for the first 5 minutes and then it sucks lol im so proud of you though Meles! u were able to get past that hurdle and narrow in on some new goals. look at that, wow 20 minutes straight? i can only jog for 5 minutes straight hehe i'm getting there round of applause for you my dear! you're fabulous :D


Just Daisy said...

@tinadivatv thanks girl glad to have your input on binges :D

Just Daisy said...

@finding me... thanks! :P