Monday, April 23, 2012

Glo's Top 10 Hip Hop Workout Songs

Hey ladies!!! Hey ladies!!! Hey Ladies!!!

I don’t know bout you but I know about me! Let me be real, I sometimes need the gangsta hype and extra bass to get my heart rate pumpn and my body movin’ so heres my top 10 workout songs that’s on my IPOD at the moment!!!

1.     Round of Applause: Waka Flocka ft. Drake
2.     Ayee Ladies: Travis Porter & Tyga
3.     Mercy: Kanye West, 2 Chainz, Pusha T, Big Sean
4.     Ridn round and getn it: 2 Chainz
5.     Drank In My Cup-Kirko Bangz
6.     Take care- Rihanna and Drake
7.     Cashing Out: Cash Out
8.      Wild Boy: MGK and Waka Flocka
9.      Do It like you: Diggy ft Jeremih
10.   Make me proud: Nicki Minaj & Drake

So ladies share with me what’s the latest song that got you movin?


ChiChi said...

I have #1,2,7 and 10 on my playlist, I'm going to have to look into #3 and 8. I have "Talk That" by Rihanna and Jay Z and I have "Another Round" Fat Joe and Chris Brown, not really a workout song but I like it!

Miss Dre said...

I have to say Cashin' Out is like my spring anthem. It gets me hype every time I hear it and every time my phone rings (it's my default ringer lol). Girlll that's my song!!

Glo said...

@ChiChi girl I know thats right. I got more to come for you to check out!

@Miss Dre girl yes that is an anthem it gets me hyped everytime.

Trina a.k.a. Me So Hongry... said...

You gotta add H.A.M. by Kanye. That song make me go insance when it comes on.
Ni**as in Paris Kanye/Jay-Z
I usually use the Pandora app on my phone. And when it asks for info for stations I usually listen to the Rhianna/Cake station of Ni**as in Paris station.

Glo said...

@Trina girl I have those on my IPOD as well but I didn't include them on my top 10, I should've made a top 20!!! I will be doing another list and will definitely be adding them to it!! thanks lady