Monday, April 30, 2012

Motivational Monday

This sports bra is my motivation! I've always wanted to be able to freely exercise, and I've always wanted to one day experience the feeling of working out in a sports bra and yoga pants. I feel this way because I cant recall ever being able to show off my tummy in public. I would like to achieve this goal at least within a year or two depending upon my weight-loss success. I want success and this is my motivation! Just because I'll be displaying my tummy doesn't mean I will have killer abs but I will be lookn fit n fab!!

This Bikini is my motivation.  I've never worn one in my entire life and I would love the pleasure of doing so before my 30's. I want to be able to strut confidently even if I am not a size 2 in a bikini someday. This Monday I share my personal motivation with you! Bikini season won't just be a dream for me anymore. I'm working on making it a reality.

Ladies, always remember to:

What's your motivation?


Falala Mele said...

my NY trip which will commence in approximately 58 days!!!! SOOOOO EXCITED! It makes me run for longer on the treadmill

2bfitfabfierce said...

@mele omggggggg 58 days I can't freaking wait to see you Mele we must find a class to hit up and of course shopping! #yayayay