Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Nike Free Tr Fit 2 Breathe Trainers

Hello to all,

I finally got around to do this review!! I'm so happy to introduce my New Nike Free Tr Fit 2 Breathe Training Shoe!!! I must start by saying I LOVE these shoes....

The Fit: This shoe fits PERFECT!! I have a wider foot then the norm medium B sized people so I thought that it would be a problem, but to my surprise this shoe required no breaking in. I was able to wear the shoe the first try and when I did try them on for the first time they felt like a Sock!!!! ****This is why I love Nike****

Performance: This trainer has allowed me to continue all of my normal cardio and strength training exercises without any problems! I have attended zumba class numerous times in them and they are so lightweight I feel like I'm gliding across the floor!

Cost: Now this is the only downfall for some but for me I cant complain the shoes cost $95 and I say this because you really get what you pay for in this pair of trainers.

Durability: I think these shoes will last me a long while, although they are light as a feather they still have a great infrastructure that can weather long strenuous workouts.

Note: This is one of the items from my wish list and I got them just in time for summer!!! I must add with shoes this hott and Fab I have to take them on proper workouts.


Just Daisy said...

They are so bright & fun!


Roshix said...

May i ask where you bought these sneaks from? i DESPERATELY want a pair and cant seem to find them anywhere...

Anonymous said...

Roshix. I apologize I'm so late responding but I got these shoes from, I wish you the best in finding a pair, I know how difficult it can be