Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Work Out Wednesday: Meet Rosy


Michael Stars scoop neck tank
$55 -

Nike activewear
$50 -

£20 -

NIKE running shoes
$125 -

G-Shock Jason black and fuschia contrast watch
£95 -

This is like my dream workout outfit. Two bold sexy colors colliding together. What can't you love about this? I've been on the lookout for those sneakers too and I have to tell you, it's been pretty hard to come by them.  Anyways, I hope this chic, cute, girly outfit sketch keeps you in mind of working out because that's what you should be doing at this exact moment. We have to keep moving in order to keep our hearts and lives healthy. Let Rosy remind you of how much you want and need your heart to glow with happiness. Get rosy, go workout!!


Miss Dre said...

This is cute! Wearing cute workout clothes really motivates me to work out more and even harder! I like to work out in bright colors, especially pink, so I'm loving this rose hue.

Just Daisy said...

@miss dre thanks girl I am in love with the hue as well!